Xbox One vs PS4 – The Real Deal


Now that the dust has settled, it’s been approximately a year since both systems been on the market, giving them both a substantial amount of time for show and tell. And we all know that at the end of the day everyone will have their own opinions of which system dominates, but if there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s numbers, and like it or not numbers don’t lie.

Xbox one hit the market November 2013 with a whopping one million sales on its first day and nearly doubled that by the end of the year, leaving its predecessor, The Xbox 360 biting the dust. It introduced its fans with exciting new features such as voice commands, multi-tasking, personalized home screens, and an influx of new and upgraded elements.

The PS4, the Xbox’s rival also dropped November 2013 matching its sales leaving both systems at a head-to-head start. PS4 debuted with Next Gen visuals, the PlayStation camera (comparable to the Kinect) and evidently a lot more fuel that eventually had the PS4 dominating the console wars. With its sales growing potentially and Xbox working at a much slower rate, the seemingly head start the last generations Xbox 360 had over the PS3 started to shift sides giving the PS4 the crowning title as far as numbers go. According to sales figures posed by both companies, the PS4 has a 4 million sold to leap ahead of Xbox one sales.

So what does this exactly mean for Xbox One and Microsoft, more critically when it comes to Holiday Sales?

Well it’s hard to tell. The scales could shift in any way, giving Microsoft matching sales, or they could outsell PS4 this Holiday season possibly giving them the boost they need. However, if push comes to shove, Microsoft has Nintendo beat for numbers and just about everything else. Though, for Sony, things could be a bit rosier this Holiday Season, as Sony proudly announced they are beginning to make profit thanks to the PS4 after being nearly $10 billion in debt over the past 8 years. Furthermore, with the company slowly coming out of debt this could mean exciting new games and exclusives just for PlayStation systems. Some familiar titles like “Infamous, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, and a new one “No man’s sky” can be exclusively found on the PS4 alone driving it more sales.

So which console gets your vote? Are you Team Xbox or apart of the PS4 Squad.

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