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SonyPS4.com is on the search for authors who have a passion for the gaming industry and can write clearly with passion, innovation, and originality!

Here at SonyPS4.com, we are running a magazine dedicated to the Sony PlayStation 4’s next-generation console, its features, its games, and any news related to the PlayStation 4 in general. This may include game reviews, feature reviews, console reviews, or other information – sharing your experiences about the PlayStation 4 or its games!

All articles written for SonyPS4.com will be reviewed by our editorial staff and may be rejected if they do not demonstrate originality, clarity in communication, or passion and interest. We do not want to see unspecific articles written with little passion about the topic – we want to see articles written by real gamers about things that they and other gamers actually care about!

If you think this describes you, then we would love to hear from you!


How to Contact SonyPS4.com

If you think you can write articles that would fit here on SonyPs4.com about the PlayStation 4, its games, its features, or any news related to the new console, please contact us at news@sonyps4.com and we can get back to you within a week or two. When you make that contact, please include the following information:

  • Complete contact information
  • 3-5 topics you would like to write about
  • A brief biography and resume
  • A summary of what makes you qualified to write articles for SonyPS4
  • A writing sample

We look forward to hearing from you!


The SonyPS4 Editorial Team