Wolfenstein: The New Order for PlayStation 4


Set in an alternative history capturing the victory of Germans in World War II, Wolfenstein: The New Order Game for PlayStation 4 next generation console has been announced by Bethesda through a brief teaser campaign and will be out this autumn on Xbox 360, PS3, PlayStation 4, PC as well as Xbox 720.

Wolfenstein game is set in Europe but the new order will have players infiltrating Nazi strongholds and battling legions of enemies, while taking control of super weapons that the Nazi have used for global dominance.

wolfenstein_the_new_order_screenshot (13)There has been underground information over a new Wolfenstein rumor that the game is the maiden project from ZeniMax Sweden, née MachineGame. Founded by veteran of Darkness developer, Starbreeze Studios some years back, there has been issue of lag in the gaming community.

Not minding the issue surrounding the aforementioned, it’s important to note that Wolfenstein 3D predates even Doom as the granddad of first-person shooters with a blend of Second World War adventure and supernatural foes. At the brief teaser trailer, one observed some elements of future tech which gives pictorial beauty of the game.

wolfenstein_the_new_order_screenshot (11)The original project and the issue of Fallout 4 and how the developer, Bethseda Game Studios, are confirmed to be uninvolved in the Fallout 4 as well as how they are rumored to get the semi-controversial game announced next month is not the intent of this content. Outside the aforementioned context, the Nazis are overbearing and they take whatever they need with vigor and dynamism.

MachineGames and Bethesda are bringing the Wolfenstein: the new order game for PlayStation 4 back to PC and current next-gen console this year and with it a collection of screens and concept art which visualize what would have been the fate of the world had the Nazis won the war.

wolfenstein_the_new_order_screenshot (8)The Nazis are fast advancing and there is no better and greater motive than to become victorious and what fate befalls the world? In the intervening time the Nazis have made giant leaps in technological evolution, even into the space, that will enable them to garner terrifying military arsenal for global dominance.

The teaser trailer campaign came with regimes of super Nazi soldiers, Nazi guns, regular Nazi’s and Nazis mechs. What else can enhance your pleasurable gaming experience without availing yourself the opportunity of raiding Nazi tech and facilities to upgrade your arsenal of weapons and assume control of advanced machines?

The developer of Wolfenstein: The New Order Game for PlayStation 4 utilizes id’s id Tech 5 engine in addition to FPS’s gameplay features. What do you feel about the split-screen conversation between the hero B.J. Blazkowicz and fellow operative, and what do you feel about the entire game even as we look forward to the next-gen PS4 console.?


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