Will the Last of Us for PlayStation 4 Materialize Soon?


Known as one of the most satisfying yet sophisticated computer games made till now, The Last of Us takes its player though an emotional relentless roller coaster ride.

This game is admired for its character development and storytelling features, which makes the player, wish that this game doesn’t have an end. It has worked tremendously well on the PC and on PlayStation 3, but the speculations of the Last of Us for the new PlayStation 4 raises the very important question, if it would materialize soon.

In order to look clearly at the possibility of a successful launch and run of The Last of Us for PlayStation 4, we must overview the PlayStation 3 version of this game. It should give a very clear perspective on the entire game. So the PS 4 version of the game has two lead characters – Ellie, a 14 year old teen girl and Joel, a man who is brash and sarcastic. In this game one can also have a good insight into Joel’s brash and conflicted mannerisms, while Ellie is a tough nut to crack.

the_last_of_us_screenshotThe storyline revolves around the zombies who love to feast on flesh. This entire outbreak has happened because of a virus that has infected the majority of the population in zombies. Military controlled areas to quarantine in order to safeguard what is left of humanity if protected with extreme aggression, with orders to shoot at sight of any zombies or look alike.

The virtual reality of this game can easily fool a player that the two characters leading in this game are for real. The possibility of losing oneself in the game is very real through the horrific yet gorgeous narration. Both the characters in this game interact with each other on a continual and seamless basis. Unlike many other games that are driven mostly by a classic storyline, The Last of Us is mainly character driven. The game engine draws the player into its surroundings very easily.

the_last_of_us_screenshot1The PlayStation 3 hardware was pushed to edge in this game, where the texture detailing is excellent while the character animations look very realistic yet smooth. The combat aspect of this game is handled very well, where a decent amount of cover system is put in place with a variety of good weapons to hunt the zombies down.

One thing the gamer has to keep in mind is that Joel is an amateur killer and not a professional one. He and Ellie work as a team. Collecting as many necessary items while on the explorations in the game is very vital as the enemies do not leave anything lying around. Hence, all the components must be collected as soon as seen.

With that kind of performance on the PS 3, the game has to be refurbished a little on some grounds when it is put together for PS 4. The Last of Us for PlayStation 4 will make its followers very ecstatic and engage them in a wonderful experience, which is what its makers promise. The timing of its launch is not yet announced but it is due to come very soon.


  1. The Last Of Us is now out on PlayStation 3 and for PC, but there is no news yet as to whether it will be available on PlayStation 4 – do you want to see The Last of Us as one of the games for PlayStation 4?

  2. The Last of Us isn’t out for PC…it’s a Sony-owned exclusive. -______-

  3. You talk in the article as if this is a set in stone reality, when it is just a figment of your imagination as of now. Yet at the end of the article, you basically state it is coming.

    Do you know something every other site doesnt, or are you speculating and passing it off as reality?


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