What Makes Playstation 4 and the PS Move So Special?

PS Move Sports Kit

Combining the PlayStation with the PS Move

One of the most noticeable features in Sony’s latest game console would be the combination of PlayStation 4 console and the PS Move controller. This is expected to prove as a successful combination for Sony after Microsoft’s success with its similar products.

The new PS4 controller is expected to be provided with a headphone and loudspeaker. The loudspeaker is featured at the center above the moniker. The included loudspeaker is comparable to the Wii-Remote. It is also an indication that Sony is working to match the features offered by its competition.

The PS Move is infact a combination of PS4, the PS Eye and the PS Move motion controller. This motion gaming technology works through the combination of the eye camera and the motion controller. The motion controller has a sphere at its end that enables the eye camera to focus its movement within a room, and this gets translated accurately into the gameplay.

Playstation Move on the PS 4?PS Move is claimed to be the most precise motion gaming experience. You could be playing volleyball or engaged in a duel, your move would be translated as it is in the game with utmost precision. The new Playstation 4 and the PS Move would change the way core gamers, kids and party gamers used to enjoy games. It is considered as the most immersive experience offered in the gaming world, and offered only on PlayStation.

The starter kit of the PS Move includes the PS Eye Camera and the Move motion controller. It is fitted with a 3-axis gyroscope, a terrestrial magnetic field sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer. The motion controller tracks movements and angle during gameplay, and the PS Eye, aiming at the player, enables the PS4 system to determine the precise positioning of the controller in the space. Combined together, this helps in creating sensitive tracking of movement and instinctive gameplay that helps you get projected on the screen. Therefore, the game would be provided with real and responsive motion.

ps4-event_0653The new PS Move controller features the regular PS controller orientation. This helps in achieving flawless play that is easy for anyone to engage in. PS Move starter kit gives you an affordable and instant way to experience the latest motion controlled gaming technology in the industry. This technology forms the base of Sony’s latest PS Move system, the PS Eye Camera, the PS Move motion controller and all the PS Move multiplayer games.

The new Playstation 4 and the PS Move motion controllers are easy to use for anyone. Even if you are going to play for the first time, the motion controller would appear to be simple. It offers natural and intuitive gameplay because it would be transforming your own movements onto the screen.

The PS Eye camera makes things even more interesting as you can view yourself on the screen and interacting with a character. The new PS Move bundle comes with the PlayStation Move motion controller, the PS Eye Camera and some bonus demo games. This is certainly one technology in the gaming world that shies away the competition.




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