Watch Dogs Potential Release in March; Hinted by European Retailer

Watch Dogs Potential Release in March; Hinted by European Retailer

By what we’ve heard console release dates for Watch Dogs may already be set. The European retailer ShopTo has revealed by updating its product listing of the Ubisoft Action-Adventure game that the potential release date will be in the first quarter of 2014. More particularly the release date may be on March 21st, 2014 for the PS4.

According the other reports about the game, it is supposed to also launch on the PlayStation 3 system along with the rest of the scheduled releases. ShopTo is guaranteeing its shipment of Watch Dogs by March 21st and will compensate a 5 Euros if it does not fulfill its shipment guarantee; this is how they are proving that the release date is not a hoax.

Ubisoft have not made an official statement on the matter so far but with ShopTo guaranteeing the release date by offering money if it is not true, it seems they are confident that this release date will happen and we hope to hear from Ubisoft officially soon.

Ubisoft was supposed to release Watch Dogs last month but here’s the statement they gave us instead of the game:

“…Ubisoft was not satisfied with the product at hand. The company has been polishing and perfecting the game ever since, ensuring that Watch Dogs meets the high standards of quality that Ubisoft’s games are famous for.”

As soon as we find out more, or maybe an official statement from Ubisoft we’ll give you an update.



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