War Thunder: Ground Forces trailer


War Thunder: Ground Forces Trailer

War Thunder looks amazing, and if you are anything like the people in the office here you have been waiting for the game to be released for the PS4 since you got your hands on the PS4. It is up to SCEA’s apparently and they have not yet released it to the US Playstation 4 market. But it should be coming very soon… maybe next week?

There have been some questions regarding if the delay on releasing the game to the PS4 could have to do with porting over the interface from PC to console having been more difficult then anticipated… but as of now all of that is just rumor.

From the looks of the video it would appear the War Thunder guys are trying to create a game in which you could have ground, air, and sea battles taking place on the same map at the same time. You can clearly see that one of the tanks shoots down what appears to be a player controlled plane… entire military strategy for every type of vehicle. Amazing.

Easily the most anticipated (in our office) free PS4 game.



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