Video Streaming and Editing on the Playstation 4


The PS3 isn’t just for gaming anymore, but for media playing as well, thanks to Sony’s additions. Now the gaming console can integrate various tools for video streaming. Rumors around the world about the PlayStation 4 suggests that the media player options will get even better!  Despite Sony has its own video streaming service, it provided access to various third party application to enhance the media experience of PlayStation 3. This has been proven to be an initial achievement of media streaming service.

PlayStation 4 might be having more advanced application built-in with in the system, which provides access to all the popular video streaming providers like Youtube, Dailymotion, Netflix, VidZone, MUBI, VUDU, Hulu Plus, etc. Already, most of the above mentioned third party tools have a wide range of support through PlayStation 3. Most of these media streaming service providers have a paid service network where users need to subscribe for the required services. Users will be allowed to get these subscriptions through Sony’s new authentication process which will enable more security over the network. Other than this Video on demand service, Sony’s Video editor tool was a major success. Following its Success over this Video editor application Sony has planned to introduce an application for cutting edge editing of High definition videos. This application is believed to be installed with the System software bundle. This Video editing software may provide ability to edit three dimensional videos and it might have the ability to split videos based on the timeline.

This Video editing tool might have a bundled feature of extraction audio separately from the inputted video. Users will have option to edit the audio embedded in the videos. Users may have various options to enhance and boost the sound of a video. This application is expected to have a built in capability to upload the video files directly to the social media networks like Youtube, Facebook, etc. PlayStation 4 will be the first gaming console to come with a built-in video editing tool for High Definition videos.


  1. i think a great idea would be if you could pass your ps3 account to the ps4 so you wont loose your trophies or your stuff you gat in it.

  2. i think the ps4 should have full streaming abiltity. for instance working face book or twitter while during game play to share ideas or info for the games with friends quicker.


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