Venture Beyond the Box PlayStation 4 Comic

Venture Beyond the Box SonyPS4 Comic

The XBox One was just announced 3 months after the PlayStation 4 was announced, and it’s time to do some comparisons of the released information.

One big difference was how the two different companies handled their respective announcements.

Sony focused their announcement on the new social features of the PlayStation 4, it’s graphic handling abilities, the easier SDK and development systems, the upgraded overall capabilities of the system and controller, and on games – lots and lots of games!

Microsoft went an entirely different direction with the XBox One – focusing on making the XBox One an entertainment center, demonstrating its Kinect abilities and voice control modules, and the ease with which users can move from TV to games to movies and back again. Very few games were mentioned and no focus was put on the graphics or processing capabilities of the new system.

Which one is better? Comment below and tell us what you think!
Venture Beyond the Box SonyPS4 Comic



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