Things We Want From Uncharted 4

Things We Want From Uncharted 4

The game’s developers Naughty Dog seem to be at the height of their success right now, with them coming off their great success with The Last of Us. But even with all the success they had in 2013, the series they’ve really become known for have been without a doubt Uncharted. In November 2013 we were teased with the unveiling of a new Uncharted game for the PlayStation 4. At the time the game is only known as Uncharted, but for this article we will refer to it as Uncharted 4.

Some people assume that we will see this game sometime this year, but with the frequency of push backs in the gaming industry you never know. Since we are all waiting for what we hope to be an awesome game in Uncharted 4, I decided to come up with a list of things we would want from the game.

Uncharted 2 was the game that seemed to put Naughty Dog on the map; everybody took notice to the series after Uncharted 2 was released, although I was not one of these people. The Uncharted series had me captured from the first game; I seem to like it more than everyone else does.

Even though Uncharted 3 was a great game, it would seem that they were just trying to replicate what we saw in Uncharted 2. While I enjoyed a lot of the levels in the game, they just did not compare to the collapsing buildings and moving train set piece levels in Uncharted 2. A bit of Uncharted 3 felt forced, while Uncharted 2 felt completely natural.

This would be what I want Naughty Dog to do with that being said, just do what seems natural and not try to replicate what seemed to make Uncharted 2 such a great game. Naughty Dog needs to focus on just making a great game this time around instead of trying to force a repeat of what happened with Uncharted 2.

The shooting mechanics in Uncharted 3 seemed to drop, as many gamers reported this issue and it was so bad that Naughty Dog had to end up patching the game. The Uncharted games are fun to play for many people but many also report that they aren’t very fond of the shooting parts of the game. Hopefully Naughty Dog can take another look at their shooting mechanics and give it a little work before they released this game.

Since they are now making the jump to the next gen I hope they can iron out all their problems that they had with the Uncharted 3 game.



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