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Video games that are based on one-to-one combat sports have been a craze for more than two decades now. Initially these were done through cartoon characters then came the life like appearance of these fast moving figures that was mostly played on a PC with its keyboard controls. Later with the invention of joystick or game-stick this entire genre went many levels up instantly.

A decade ago when the Ultimate Fighting Championship started the game developers were attracted to this fast moving and action-packed sport. This instantly created hype in the game makers and they started coming up with fighting games that were concentrated in the arena only.

UFC for PlayStation 4 is the very first game in the series of EA Sport’s latest UFC partnership that strives to create a very fine fighter of the MMA genre, which should be worthy of the next-generation gaming consoles.  Here the UFC of EA Sports is still in its pre-alpha state and it won’t release before 31 December 2013.

EA on the other hand outlined the volume of improvements in its latest Ignite engine to match with the sports lineup of the company. Now here are the five characteristics that all mixed martial arts fans must observe attentively.

ufc_screenshot2Colors: The fighters in the UFC of EA will feature vascularity changes and skin discoloration during fights. For example, if a fighter is being choked, his face would start turning red, which will be a signal that he may lose consciousness. The tendons could be also seen depending on the particular position a fighter may be forced into while the bout is on.

Emotional: The makers are putting together a lot of good work into enhancing the likeness of the licensed fighter of the UFC. This includes the display of more awareness and emotion in the facial animations of the characters. The developers are creating a very wide range of emotions that are general as well as special. The use of complete head 3D scanning is done to capture the peculiar facial animations of the individual fighters.

ufc_screenshotControlled Damage: Developers of UFC are revamping the game for the controlled damage conditions in a match. This means they are attempting to configure the graphics for the facial damage seen in most of combat that happens in the real tournaments. The damage structure in UFC allows the gamer to inflict and receive different kinds of bruises, cuts as well as swelling. This is the exact mimicking of the gruesome injuries that take place in the real matches.

Absolute Contact: The game allows a character to press against another in a realistic and a drastic manner to improve the overall realism of holding and grapples. Thus, full-contact is used when a gamer attacks or get assaulted by another player.

Second Plan: As the fighters are not well respected for their prowess in academics, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any strategy. The AI in UFC is developed to be goal-based, which lets a gamer identify the overall strengths and weaknesses of his opponent. This AI is very adaptive, so when the first plan of the computer may not work, second plan is active. One has to be careful of this phenomenon of the game.

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  1. EA is developing a realistic UFC game for the PlayStation 4 – unfortunately, it won’t be out until 2014! 🙁 Are you a fan of UFC? Who’s your favorite fighter?


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