Tropico 5 Announced for the PlayStation 4


Tropico 5 has been confirmed to be heading for the PlayStation 4, it will be the first game from the series to ever hit a Sony gaming system. Tropico 5 was already announced for the PC, Mac and Xbox 360, there hadn’t been any release rumors for the Xbox One, but on the PS4, “Tropico and El Presidente have never looked better.”

Multiplayer for Tropico 5 was also announced in the press release, with it having both competitive and cooperative modes for up to 4 players. This is another first for the series, and I can’t quite picture how it will work.

Tropico 5 will have dynasties, which will allow you and your child to rule the island for centuries, from the colonial times through the World Wars and up to the modern day in age. The older Tropico games had smaller timespans that only allowed one ruler for a few decades.

Tropico is usually overlooked settlement-management series, even though the games are awesomely corrupt and satirical. Tropico 3 which was released in 2009 had more about it than Tropico 4 which was released in 2011, hopefully Tropico 5 will do better than both of them.



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