TowerFall Ascension Coming to PC and PlayStation 4 Next Month


Ouya, the Android powered micro consoles has a lot of interesting multiplayer games. One game has had so much success that it will be moving to the PlayStation 4 and PC soon. Towerfall has been nominated and won a lot of awards. The version that will be coming to the PS4 and PC will be a new and improved version of the well-known game, Towerfall Ascension. The developer of the game, Matt Thorson said that Towerfall Ascension will arrive on March 11th on both machines.

The new and improved version of the game will have a new cooperated mode that can be played with another player or alone. This mode will have players teaming together to take on baddies that attack in waves. This game mode will help players build up their multiplayer skills by surviving hordes of enemies. There are different types of enemies and number of waves that can be played that will vary with the level that is played, this indicates that the new quest mode will have enough levels to make the game enjoyable even if you don’t have four other players to play TowerFall with.

TowerFall Ascension will be hitting the PS4 and PC on March 11th in North America, there has been no date given for Europe yet. There has also been no release date announced for the game on the PlayStation Vita, but a developer said that it is “possible in the future.”



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