Thief Gameplay Trailer on the PlayStation 4

Thief Gameplay Trailer on the PlayStation 4

By the looks of it, Thief will be the biggest multi-platform game to hit so far in 2014. And now there is a new gameplay trailer of the highly anticipated game.

This game is a reboot of the classic franchise, Thief is a first person stealth game, where gamers will take control of the master thief by the name of Garrett.

In the game players will have to fight and sneak their way through a series of well-planned heists. The cash that you earn from the various activities of the game will then be used to buy upgrades for your weapons and equipment.

Although there can be violent encounters if the game if you choose them, Thief fans that prefer the stealth in the game will be glad to know that you can sneak around the game and complete it without killing any NPCs.

Thief will be released on February 28th, 2014.

Check out the video:



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