The Witness Trailers for PlayStation 4


Not all games for the new PlayStation 4 are going to be first person shooter games! The Witness is a game that has been announced since August 2009 and has been available for PC for some time.

Previously, The Witness was not available on anything other than a PC or in anything other than a demonstration mode but the full game is finally going to come to PlayStation 4 for a time-limited exclusive according to its creator, Jonathan Blow.

This interesting game is a large 3D puzzle in an “almost” open-world – many pathways will be available within a short distance of everywhere in the game for you to explore and discover.

Check out some screenshots for The Witness here.

The Witness PlayStation 4 Trailer:

The Witness – Island Snapshot Progression Video:

The Witness Trailer from the PlayStation 4 Announcement Meeting:



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