The PS4 Will Change Gaming


Sony’s PlayStation, ever since its first launch, took the gaming world by a huge surprise. From little kids to the grownups, everyone wanted to get a hand on this video game system, making sure that they explored all levels of all available games. Then, the revolution changed to an all new dimension with PlayStation 2 and 3, making some major advancement in the gaming zone. Now, going by the latest news and/or rumors, Sony is soon planning to launch its PlayStation 4. Now what is going to be so grand about this? Well, before we look at that, let us state the fact that marketers are making huge assumptions but this is possibly going to be a huge leap in the gaming world.

The PlayStation 3 to-ate is still considered one of the best video game consoles (if not the actual best) and is enjoying a phase of enormous popularity. So what could be the reason that the makers felt the need of bringing in something new in the market so soon? Well, going by what many analysts believe, it is the immense competition faced by other gaming consoles like Xbox 360 and Wii U, that there may be some risk factor involved.

Well, this also means that if PlayStation 4 will be launched, it will come up with something much more advanced than its former make and current competitors. Also, a thing to note is also the fact that no fixed date has been finalized for the launch, even though it is expected to be out in the market before 2014. Is this just another way to raise one eyebrow on as to how and what will be so new about this latest venture in the gaming world? When the previous models were launched, there were expectations in regard to the fact that people were made aware of the product to some degree. But with PlayStation being so advanced in it, what new features will Sony incorporate?

Well, there is no doubt that PlayStation is in a way a Mecca for video game lovers. The way the features are placed, the entire experience of playing a video game, has changed as we entered the new millennium. All this and more goes to the credit of the developers at Sony. They surely made the whole world a gaming, one that is incredibly addictive and exciting.

Well, going with the current flow of events, it is sure that Sony is pitching in something soon. Now, what it will be and will it revolutionize the gaming world further, will only be told by time. But yes, all eyes are keen on knowing what is to come. As we all know, when Sony delivers, it never lets one down. Hopefully the rumors do come true and people get to witness something really glorifying in the form of a PlayStation 4. Do watch out for it for it may change the way you play or look at video gaming forever.



  1. Hi just to let you guys know that the Ps3 is considered as one of the highest gaming console in this generation. What could Ps4 be? Could it be like a we’re in the game or something? Or is it just a higher graphics or display? If the Ps4 is just slightly better than the Ps3, then i would be really dissapointed with Sony.


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