The PlayStation 4 Controller


We’ve talked about design concepts for the PlayStation 4 already. Now we’re curious about what you think the controller for the PS4 should look like.

Earlier this year, the announcement of the Wii U controller was pretty awesome, just because of that tablet-style controller. Are we really moved by touch technology so much that we want it to be everywhere?

Well, a new controller design was recently spread around the web. I wish I know who created the art (so many people steal’s concepts without acknowledging it, it is not even funny), so if you do know, tell us.

This controller is obviously a picture of the standard PS3 dual-shock controller with an extension: a touch screen media center in the middle. While it’s a cool idea, the feel of that long of a controller would just be awkward.

Perhaps an easier way to fix the feel dilemma would be to leave the controller as-is, but add the screen on the top. That way we can still game like we love to, but still enjoy the digital revolution.

We don’t honestly know if the PS4 controller will be any different from the PS3 controller. In the past, PlayStation has stuck with what has worked. We’ll see.

Something interesting we also found in our search: a display for the “Joypad Evolution”, which shows the design patterns and innovations in game controllers over the years. The graph reveals how gaming consoles picked up the controller ideas of other companies to make their own! Thanks to GNVR in UK for the image.



  1. The concept for the new playstation 4 controller Is cool but Sony should have just made the psp vita the controller would have won everyone over and made it like the new Wii controller where u can switch from tv to ur controller


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