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Tango Gameworks and Bethesda have unveiled Shinji Mikami’s new game: The Evil Within for PlayStation 4. With it came a mosaic of horrific images of the shock laying in wait for players in this upcoming game. There is no doubt that the man behind this game, Kyle Cooper, is renowned for his designing prowess showcased on film and television projects, which include American Horror Story, Se7en, and the Walking Dead. Now he is assisting in the development of TheEvil Within, coming soon to PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and the next generation console PlayStation 4 in 2014.

The main character in The Evil Within is Sebastian who, according to Mikami, is a strong individual with a remarkable capacity to handle everything thrown at him. He has many fears, but he must struggle through them all. His personality and uniqueness make him a great main character for a game – not just someone constantly frightened, but rather someone who is capable of dealing with the stress.

The Evil Within is reputed for a minimalistic approach, at least within the confines of the teaser campaign. There is a small visible interface, and objects that can be interacted with give signals when players move closer. Mikami discloses that he intends to dim down color, for the most part.

theevilwithin“That sort of desaturation, combined with the letter boxed visuals (a conscious decision to preserve cinematic widescreen proportions on 16:9 televisions) seems geared toward a striking, theatrical horror aesthetic. A focus on lighting, centered on Sebastian’s portable light source, should further enhance and contribute to the atmosphere,” reported a finding.

The atmosphere will not in any way be oppressive. Mikami promised that rather than screaming, panicking, and running to excess, these aspects will be reduced to keep from annoying the players.  Thus, there will principally be music and few sounds effects and if any of it is experienced, it’s basically to heighten tension, especially since some foes will not be readily visible but will rather force players to depend upon sound cues to detect their presence.

the_evil_within_concept_artThe above features are dependent on gamer’s sense of isolation, which is core to the horror experience. This  Mikamian tactic to isolate the player in order to better heighten horrific experience will make the game more exciting! However, it’s important to note that there are some parts of the game that will require characters to work together towards a common goal. In all, you are left to face what lurks around in the dark.

There is hope, though, as Sebastian will have access to weapons for defense purposes. Mikami said that in the presence of foes, Sebastian will go into a crouch-like “altered state.” Stealth will be a key goal for the main player, who is ever in danger and needs to survive..

With inadequate information on The Evil Within on PlayStation 4 so far, we will be looking forward to more details as the game progresses in development. Stay tuned!

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  1. The Evil Within won’t be coming out until 2014, but it will be on PC, XBox 360, PS3, and PS4. From the creator of American Horror Story, Se7en and The Walking Dead, do you think this creepy game is up your alley?


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