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Ubisoft has been bringing a lot of good games lately that are action packed and fun to play. After the successful release of the Driver: San Francisco in 2011, Ubisoft was ready for another exciting open-world game with The Crew for the PlayStation 4 next-gen console.

This is developed by Ivory Tower who made Test Drive Unlimited and Ubisoft Reflections. It is a massive driving playground that is really a shrunken down version of the United States. The 10,000 kilometers of expanded roadways and a mammoth proportion of map take a player two hours to cover the distance between one coast to another.

Other than the sheer scale of The Crew for PlayStation 4, one of the very interesting characteristics about it is the way it has incorporated multiplayer phenomenon into an open-world design. This game aims to do away in a very fine multiplayer as well as single-player mode in the most discrete fashion possible.

The goal of this particular fashion is to provide an invisible matchmaker, which is similar to Bungie. The networking between the players as well as the grouping is possible behind the scene, while it is based on where the players are present in the world.

the_crew_screenshot1It doesn’t matter where the player is cruising on the map, he will always be in touch with the other eight players who happen to be the closest in the entire map. Heading off in the other direction and the player will have new mates who are appropriately selected from his new map distance.

The connecting part to another player doesn’t have to appear on the screen, it is done in a very seamless manner beneath the hood. The Crew for PlayStation 4 has a line of licensed car that can be customized with all kinds of cosmetic and performance upgrades.

It is completely up to the player how he engages with other players who are closest to him or he decides not to engage at all. He can always challenge the nearest into different kinds of activities and races or just cruise by them. Irrespective of where the player is on the map, his friends will always be visible to him.

the_crew_screenshot2The provision for fast travel in order to reach the friends is possible, but only as long as the player has unlocked those particular areas of the map. This is done by going through the story mode of The Crew for PlayStation 4.

Now if one combines all these tremendously high octane action into an arcade race, he would get a very fine competitive next generation racer to boast of. Ubisoft has ensured that the graphics are the best in its class of games, which the response to the control gadgets of the gaming console is very fine; it does take a good time to get a hang of this wonderful game. However, once used to the various settings and game map, a player finds himself really blissful with The Crew.

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The Crew


  1. Ubisoft is developing “The Crew” – an open-world, multiplayer driving game, to come out in February 2014. Did you lay their last game, Driver: San Francisco?


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