The ability to que downloads from my phone


The Playstation 4 phone app is possibly one of the most amazing things there is about the PS4… certainly the most amazing thing about the PS4 that can be accessed while I am at work… The ability to stage and que downloads has been great, and has for many gamers led to lessĀ  time spent in person waiting for a game to download, or for a map pack to install.

ps4-phone-appFor many this was the best way to jump into Killzone on day 1. Download the app once available while at work or otherwise away from your PS4.

If you are having any trouble with your PS4 app, which has been reported… relax. Uninstall and reinstall. This has proven to be successful in all of the cases that have been reported to us.

In short, if you have not yet… download the PS4 phone app and open up a whole new level of gaming.

In addition to being able to prompt downloads, the Playstation 4 phone app also gives you the ability to chat with your psn friends, stay updated with your stats, and even has the ability to offer second screen capabilities for games that allow it.

System guides, walk throughs, your friends, your stats, the Playstation blog, and so much more right at your finger tips.



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