Tetsuya Nomura Speaks Out About Developing Kingdom of Hearts III for PlayStation 4


The Japanese game developer Tetsuya Nomura spoke out about developing Kingdom of Hearts III for the PS4. Here are the quotes from Nomura, they are quite interesting:

“Looking at the PS4, I thought they’ve gone too far. I wish they would just let us off the hook. For the player, having a game that’s “thoroughly made” makes them excited with anticipation, but for a developer, it’s a hurdle we have to overcome.”

“The number of things we have to do keeps increasing and if we keep trying to expand as far as it will go, we’ll never be finished. I think we’re going to end up being faced with the choice of what to keep and what to give up on [for Kingdom Hearts III].”

“I really felt the immense response to the Kingdom Hearts III announcement and so it’s now my task to figure out how to satisfy all those people who are looking forward to it.”

“There have been a lot of different consoles in the past, but I feel that this one is the biggest mountain we’ve had to climb yet, in a good way.”



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