Don’t Starve – Released for the PS4


Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve was released today, January 7th, on the Playstation Network… and this is an amazing game.

It does not take long to see why most pople who have played the game from Steam or else where see this game as incredibly addicting. Many of the top reviews I could find for Don’t Starve all mentioned the unique storyline that drives incredibly long play sessions.

dontstarveWe have had the game on about an hour already in the office, and I can certainly see the appeal. The art is semi sketched or hand drawn style, which at first I was not sure about but appreciated shortly after starting. The whole hand drawn style seems to add to the “creepy” effect of the bad guys and complexity to the backgrounds.

There will certainly be more in depth reviews coming for Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve. But I would like to get back to playing for now and leave you with the knowledge that this game is highly recommended by all of the staff so far. I was a little thrown off by the $14.99 but it is well worth it, this is a great game all around.


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