A Look at Sony’s Intentions with Virtual Reality on the PlayStation 4


Sony showed off their latest headset a few weeks ago at CES 2014, and John Smedley, Presidents on Sony Online Entertainment says that he thinks that other virtual reality headsets are on the cards. While he was careful with what he said and did not promise any he did say that he is “hearing good things about 2 competitors… one of which actually comes from Sony.” It isn’t the confirmation of a PS4 VR headset that many people were hoping for but it is titillating nonetheless.

While we have had no official announced about a PS4 compatible VR helmet, we may be in for a big announcement at next month’s Game Developers Conference. Just last month Sony’s own Tony Clark tweeted that we are in for “massive” PlayStation announcements at GDC, E3 and Gamescom. A few days ago Sony’s Brain Silva said that Sony is working on more than one project and that “developers and gamers will be excited about them.” If what is rumored around the internet is true, we might be getting our hands on a PS4 virtual reality headset next month. We can only hope anyway.



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