Sony Had a “State of the PS4” Address


Sony had a behind closed doors meeting today in which they discussed the State of the Platform, referring to the PlayStation 4.

Sony said that the PS4 consoles are generally sold out, although they are refreshing store stocks now.

Sony also stated that the bestselling games for the PlayStation 4 so far has been Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14 and Battlefield 4. They also stated that they have increased their market share in what we call “Hardcore Gamers.” They showed that PS4 users average 34 million hours a week playing games on the 4.2 million consoles that are already sold, that numbers rises up to 50 million hours if you add in entertainment apps. 90% of the PS4 consoles are connected to the internet, it took the PS3 three years to reach just 70% online connectivity.

1.7 million hours of gameplay has been broadcast on Twitch and Ustream, while there have been 172 million hours of online gameplay on the PS4 so far. The PlayStation Network is better than ever with digital game sales up 90% and PlayStation Network card sales are up 120%.

Here is a video courtesy of IGN:



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