Sony PS4 Release Date Rumors


Update: Playstation 4 Release Date Count Down

Sony PS4 Release Date Rumors
Rumors are abuzz in the market that Sony is soon going to release its latest product in the gaming console line, the Sony PlayStation 4. And, of course, is here to share the news.

It is confirmed the Sony is working on the new console but no one is sure about how further they have reached in the development of this new console. One piece of news is confirmed. The gaming console market has always been hot with the rivalry between Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony and in the future, all of them are going to come up with their latest products.

Nintendo working on the successor to Wii and Microsoft is working on the next Xbox.
All these rumors don’t mean that new gaming consoles are going to be up for grabs very soon. The development process for a gaming console is a long term process and eats up a long time. There is one news that gamers may be interested in. Even before Wii was released, Nintendo had announced that they were working on the successor to the Wii!


In most high profile products, there is a huge time gap between design, implementation and commercial release. Same is the case with Sony PS4. The PS4 is in its developmental stage and one never knows how long the development process will take. Meanwhile, Sony will continue to do an extensive research on the market trends and what do consumers actually want. Releasing a product is the last stage and there are many complex processes that are followed before that. It is not just about adding together hardware and software, starting an assembly line and packaging the product. Once the design, the hardware and the developmental kits are finalized are finalized, the console can be said to be ready. But that’s not all. The operating system and its features are then finalized and the product is released to third party game developers so that when the console is finally released to the public, games are available along with the console. After the console is developed, this entire process may take about 2 years. One thing is for certain. Those who are thinking of getting their hand on the PS4 next year or so may have to wait further than that.
Apart from all these reasons, Sony also has to think whether the PS4 is market ready or not. The PS3 is relatively new and there are many users who are still getting used to it. It has been rumored that the technology of PS4 will be based on the later model PS3 technology. Some extra features will be added on the new technology to make it better than PS3. From economic viability to marketing viability, there are a lot of things that Sony will need to consider before PS4 is launched.

Keeping all these points in mind, it can be safely assumed that the gaming console market is going to heat up around 2012 or 2013. It is estimated that around that time, all the three, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will launch their new gaming consoles.

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  1. I think ps4 and ps4 slim soon than 2013 and ps4 slim will be late and cheap price cost about $500 and up.but If Sony plan to launch another psp2 or 3 later Christmas or not. If sony plan to put min blue ray on next gent. psp will have lots handled gamer fan . If wii will 2nd version or 3. If wii will have blue ray and hdmi with it. They hard time to think where put the wii system on this year.

    but the year of 2015 they will launch ps5 or ps5 slim.

  2. outstanding document but realy sony will be a joke in futher. Its funny to look at this consuler because I have seein onther design of ps4 that it will be a funny looking glass.

  3. the ps4 will be coming out 2010 feb, 19. it will be the greatest thing no by man.but sadly it well be any ware from $600-$700. it well be worth it are game’s coming out for the ps4 will be like its in your room. and yes you can play your ps 3 2 1 games on it to if you don’t wont to spend $60 $70 $80 on a game. srry for all tho’s blue ray fan its not going to be in ps4 but somthing els it not going to be relest tel jan,6 its going to be much cooler and out of this world.

  4. that sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool i cant wait to find out what going to be in it in sted of blue ray its going to be asome

  5. If Sony Inc. would release a ” design ” such as a PS4 it would take many of years as of, they just created the PS3 and are still developing games etc. for the PS3. Price range? I suggest a price range of a PS4 ” if they create one ” would be: New: 700 – 1,000 dollers. A new PS3 when they first came out cost 800 itself. But yes it is a good idea, and if they have a blue ray player in the PS3 they will surely NOT remove it from any further up developments. I hope this helped 😀

  6. Okay so the person above who claims to be sony, you suck. first off couple of spelling errors and the s in your name wasn’t upper case and seeing as it would be a proper noun it should be. Anyway I am sure that it will not cost 700 but it will also not be as cheap as 200. My guess 400 and another 100 for every 40 GB.

  7. All this rumor….Sony says nothing other than ‘there will be a PS4, someday, that is for sure’ – otherwise, no news at all, just speculation. Educated guesses would be – yes, Bluray stays. Most likely dual video cards to bump up the polygons. Most likely an AMD quad-core proc. Look to the bleeding edge PC to see what will be in a new console. This PS4 information is as accurate as the stuff about Apples iGame console.

  8. I’ve Really Wanted A PS3 But My Mum Said I Have To Buy One Myself. I Have £250 And I need £50 More. Shall I Buy A PS3 Or Wait And Save Up For A PS4.
    ( I Don’t Want A Xbox 360 And I Have A Wii. I Also Have A PS1 & A PS2. )
    Any Ideas? Cheers!

  9. The Playstation 4 is still a few years off, at least.
    In my personal opinion, get the PS3, and then get the Playstation 4 in 3-4 years when it is released.

  10. It seems that PS3 has even more overhead capacity than anticipated. Contending against the Project Natal, PS has established a new brand to its name as well, having much of the same deal as Xbox.

    Considering all the fervently about PS4 from the officials,, PS4 is coming a lot later than many anticipates.
    Say, Fair Well to Winter Vacation and make way for Summer Holidyas, PEOPLE.

  11. Let’s be honest here people. Ps4 in 2010, not a chance!!! Even our 1080p HD is nothing remotely close to the hd3d which is planned. I know virgin and sky already have boxes lined up for immersive 3d tv, but how many could afford a tv that displays it. I would put money on new consoles, ps3/4 and the 360 next gen will wait for the 3d Market. Natal and the wands will keep us interested for now, all manufacturers will saturate the Market long, long before they release something new. Look at the time between. The ps1 and ps3, maybe 20 years!!! That’s my pennies worth!

  12. ok first off in that picture thats a PS3 it juts says PS4 on it now tell me why would they make the PS4 look exactly like the PS3 that doesn’t make sense and if the PS4 does look the same as a PS3 it will be the same so i would NOT buy it and the PS4 is not coming out in 2010 the PS4 will have a touch screen and a blue ray player and yes it will play psx,ps2,and ps3 games on it and the release date will be sometime in December 2012 mabey early 2013 but this is all i know but if you look up PS4 in google images the one with the touch screen is the real PS4

  13. I am a big sony fan i own a sega gen, a playstation, playstation 2, PSP, PSP GO, and 2 PS3’s 160GB and 80GB Limited Edition that is my brand and always will be and i will stand behind them all the way no matter what microsoft or nintendo come out with BUT WHAT I WANTED TO SAY is that Sony should have multiple groups working on (eg) group one work Playstation 4, gourp two works on Plastation 5, and say group three works on Plastation 6 at the same time that way the could mabye have a Playstation come out every year the would make a big profit because the have a great product and they know what the users want

    Thats_The_Guy this is my playstation 3 user name add me if you want

  14. i dont really understand why everyone want the ps4 out so soon, first off they still have a lot of things they can do with ps3 and shouldnt release it till things start to die down.(online activity and downloads) and i havent done enough with ps3 either, my game library is week and i dont go online that often or download things from the store, so i want time to expand on that. i think a good release date would be 2015, thats like a ten year system,(like the ps2)doing that technology will be better developed and they can put more effort into there system

  15. Look people, the Playstation 4 will be released in December of 2012. The cost will start of at $599, and will have glass/plastic as the middle of the controller. Im just tired of all the non sense analysis.

  16. Unless the PS4 is fully backwards compatible(PS1/2/3 and even able to run PSP games), have a respectable 1>3Tb harddrive and a decent spread of games, it wont be worth the time and effort. PS3 hasnt come out with much to peak the attention of gamers, and the biggest titles, GT5 and so forth are dragging their heals on implementation.

    I use my PS3 for everything, Bluray, DvD, Games and surfing. get a few MMORPGs and work out the kinks with online play before you go even putting a system on the drawing board.

    And dammit make sure the cooling system is quiet and effective. One of these days my PS3 is gonna burn down my house. PS3 blows away Xbox and Wii, but imagine how amazing it would be if you could say upgrade the HD to something bigger simply by ordering a Sony HD, Sony NIC with Gigabites per second speed and so forth. Maybe a SONY USB hub that will take the 4 ports and turn them into 8. I have to unplug my rockband stuff just to use all my controllers for games like LBP.

    And please dont use that case design, you can do so much better. Hell I could design something so much better on a starbucks napkin. LOL

  17. I have to say the bulk of you are smoking crack… the pics are concepts, nothing is reality. The idea of coming out with a new system each year is insane, do it right and keep doing it. The price of 1000 would be pretty insane and would greatly limit their market, which would limit them making money, so they find a happy medium plus technology a year from now will destroy what we have now, and so on and so on.

  18. look guys, the ps1 came out in 1994,six years later the ps2 came out in 2000,then six years later the ps3 comes out in 2006.So in six years later that means the ps4 will be out in 2012.

  19. seriously a new console each year? if sony was dumb enough to actually do that then most likely theyd go out of buissiness. since they barely got settled in the market with the ps3 slim, i do not think the ps4 will come out until around 2014-2016. may be sooner only if a nintendo or microsoft introduce a new console. the ps3 is still new-ish… it lacks exclusives and a large library of games unlike the ps2

  20. I have a PS3,and is looking forward for PS4.I hope it is out always rockz and it never fails yo impress me though!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. hay everyone i used to be a sony ps fan from ps one and ps2 but the ps3 was not for me it was xbox360 first what let me down was price and second controller they have not change i mean i like the diagrams and the picture but it was not very conferrable in the hands some game i come back with blisters on my hands and it was horrible they should make the controller bigger and fatter in the hands like xbox360 controller and i cannot wait for the ps4 and hoping they change the deign to make it conferrable in hands like and controller for any console.


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