Sony Playstation 4 Release Date

There are many gamers who are waiting eagerly for the new eighth generation video game console PlayStation 4 Release Date. PlayStation 4 seems to be promising – a very new experience to the gamers, making the games more realistic with the latest in graphic technology. There are a lot of rumors of how the PlayStation 4 will be. Some speak of game streaming, some speak of games having to be purchased and downloaded via PlayStation network, some are sure that there will be mind blowing detailed graphics in new games to be enjoyed in PlayStation 4. There are also many rumors as to when will PlayStation 4 be released, but an exact release date of the PlayStation 4 is not officially announced yet.

UPDATE: The new PlayStation 4 console will release on November 15, 2013 in the United States and on November 29, 2013 in the United Kingdom! Pre-Order Yours Now!

March 12th:

Assassin’s Creed developer states the next Assassin’s Creed will launch on all devices at once. Does this mean that the PlayStation 4 will be on the market for the October 29, 2013 release date?

February 20th:

Sony will be hosting an event in Manhattan that will reveal “the future” of PlayStation.

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February 2013 Update

Many video game and industry pundits believe that the PlayStation 4 will release to the public in November of this year. We do expect to see an announcement in the next few months, so we’ll keep you posted as more official information is released.

General History

The very first PlayStation was released on the 3rd of December, 1994. It recorded sales of 100 million units and there was a good demand for it in the game console market even after 9-10 years from its launching date. PlayStation 2 was released on 4th of March, 2000. Nintendo’s GameCube followed in 2001, but it couldn’t reach the biggest market as PlayStation 2 was more tempting to the video gamers. PlayStation 2 is the best-selling video game console of all time. Its sales reached to a 154.4 million units as of November 21, 2011. We can say that early release is not the reason for the success of PlayStation 2, because it was still on the market even after the release of PlayStation 3. PlayStation 2 only had one competitor, Nintendo GameCube. But when PlayStation 3 was released on November 11, 2006, it had to compete with both gaming consoles: Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii. PlayStation 3 did not turn out to be a total success as it was not only expensive, relative to both other consoles, but also late in the run. It took about 2-3 years for PlayStation 3 to reach a good market with new and cheaper models. However, PlayStation 3 was named the 15th best game console of all time by IGN, though both Wii and Xbox were ahead at 6th and 10th places. PlayStation 3’s rating climbed from 6/10 in 2006 to 9/10 in 2008 indicating an improvement of market and acceptance of gaming community. Only 63.9 millions of units have been sold as of March 31, 2012.

Many believe that Sony will launch PlayStation 4 before Microsoft launches its next generation game console, Xbox 720. But it seems that Microsoft is not in a hurry to release Xbox 720. Several interviews with Microsoft officials have suggested that Microsoft is looking forward not to release early but to release Xbox 720 after it is upgraded to more advanced technology, so that it can run in the market much longer than an early but premature Xbox 720. So this may lead Sony to think more about whether to release PlayStation 4 before Xbox 720 or to target a better PlayStation 4 which can dominate video game community for at least 10 years from launch. It is a possibility that they might be concentrating their mind more on the latter as it would not be good for PlayStation 4 if the Xbox 720 is more promising to gamers though it is late to the market. In addition, they will need to work more on lowering the cost of PlayStation 4 as Microsoft game consoles tend to be cheaper thus affordable for most of the community. If they don’t do something about that, Xbox 720 will have an upper hand in the market.

When listening to what gamers have to say about PlayStation 4, there are many different views on the PlayStation 4 being release soon. There are eager gamers who are counting down till this Christmas, hoping it would be in the market by then. They need to experience the beauty of eighth generation games so bad that they are willing to pay a lot for it. But there are also gamers who have bought a PlayStation 3 just a few months ago and are not happy with the news of a PlayStation 4 coming out this early as it would be a waste of money changing to PlayStation 4 only a few months after buying a PlayStation 3. But there are some who have used a PlayStation 2 till now without buying a PlayStation 3, so that they can buy the eighth generation console. It will not be an easy task for Sony if they hope to satisfy all of these parties though. One solution would be to release a PlayStation 4 with future technology but affordable to the majority of the gaming community within the first few months of 2013. But Sony might also think of releasing a better version of the PlayStation 3 at the end of 2012. There are rumors that Sony is hoping to keep the PlayStation 3 at least till 2015 in the market as it has shown some strength in the console market among its competitors lately. This means that they will keep working on PlayStation 4 till it can surpass the dreams of gamers and to achieve more than what they have dreamt on future video games. If they would be able do that other eighth generation video game consoles which are released early would be hidden by the shadow of an exemplary, unbeatable PlayStation 4.

However, these all are a mix of news, leaked and real ones and speculations made on them. What is in store for all of us can only be known by waiting and watching the show as it unfolds in front of us. One thing is definitely for sure that whether the Playstation is a Christmas gift for this year, next year or 2014, no matter when it will hit the gaming market it is going to make an impact with some real smart technology. Till then keep waiting and keep enjoying so called “leaked news” by Sony and “guesses” being made by the pundits of the gaming industry.