Sony Says to Be Patient if You’re Looking for a PS4

Sony Says to Be Patient if You’re Looking for a PS4

A PlayStation executive Shuhei Yoshida, gave some advice to the shoppers who are looking for the hard to find PlayStation 4. He said “Be Patient”, he told this to fans via Twitter yesterday, as a response to gamers who mentioned that the Xbox One was available of many retailers.

The Xbox One is available at major retailers like GameStop and Amazon while the PS4 remains sold out here. But Sony did warn us about this from last year, they said that the PS4 would be “Supply Challenged” for the rest of 2013 and that we should expect the supply of the PS4 to be under control by January or February 2014.

Yoshida was asked by a fan how many PlayStation 4 units had been sold at this point and a responded “I Do Not Know”. Jack Tretton, SCEA CEO, said in December that Sony would have sold 3 million PS4’s by the end of the Calendar year 2013, but the end of the year has come and we have had no official reports from Sony.

For now, officially the PS4 and Xbox One are in a heated battle at 2 million consoles sold since their launch in November. Sony expects to sell 5 million consoles by March 2014. In UK PS4 did outsell Xbox One by a large margin according to GFK Chart Track.

Here is the quote from Yoshida:



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