Sony Executive Drops Hints about an “Affordable PlayStation 4”


A hint has come from Sony’s leading executive that their next-gen console, the PlayStation 4 may be offered at a lower price tag compared to its predecessor. This hint came out of Michael Denny, VP-Worldwide Studios of Sony.

According to him, Sony would have to learn from all the console launches they ever had. They would also need to keep in mind the features of PS3 and even its challenges. He also added that the company wants a console that can reach the widest range of gamers while at the same time being connected, immersive and rich. It would give an experience that is highly versatile and cannot be found anywhere else.

He said all this during a recent interview. When asked about the price of the new console, he was more obliging. He said that there is much more time for the launching of the new console and much more information would be revealed during this period. Currently, the company is only explaining its vision to everyone.

playstation-4-dualshock-4One of the main aspects of the company’s vision is that they have designed a game console that is solely focused on gamers. He added that this includes gamers of every sort. Reaching out to the “broadest” range of gamers has a hint in it that Sony is all set to grab hold of the market, and could mean offering more affordable pricing.

Sony has already revealed the PlayStation 4, but spec details are being revealed at a gradual pace and more through rumors and industry expert claims. It is said that the new PlayStation 4 would have an 8-core processor developed by AMD. The size of the hard drive is claimed to be “massive” enough to help gamers store as many games as they want, almost.

A stunning feature in the new game console is its memory – 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. It would have a Radeon 7850 2GB DDR5 GPU and Blu-ray drive. As a special feature, gamers would be able to start playing a game even when it is being downloaded on the console.

Suspend Resume Playstation 4PlayStation 4 would have a new controller in the form of DualShock 4. it can be connected to the console through Bluetooth. The new features introduced in the controller include the 2-point touch pad and motion detection. The motion detection system uses a 3D gyroscope and accelerometer.

Sony is also said to be working on an emulator for Windows OS PC for testing games for PS4 on personal computers. However, it is expected that the emulator would take time to release, as testing games on PCs with PS4 would require powerful hardware.

In addition, Sony is also said to be working on new PlayStation App so that PS4 gamers can use tablets or smartphones as their second screen. This can help enhance the gameplay. In addition, Sony is also planning to release a cloud-based gaming service, Gaikai, which hosts downloadable games and content. The new controller would also have a share button and it would be possible to stream game content live between friends. In other terms, the focus is going to be more on social aspects of g



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