Sony Computer Entertainment Discussed PS4 Supply Levels


Fergal Gara has dropped some bad news for many people about the stock and supply levels of the Sony PlayStation 4. In an interview, the managing director of Sony UK stated that Sony Computer Entertainment still needs a couple of months more to supply enough to satisfy the high demand of the new console. He did not specify whether this announcement was meant for the whole world or just the UK Region.

The PlayStation 4 system was first available on November 15th in North America and in Europe on November 22nd. Since then the console has been very hard to find since its high demand has kept it sold out.

An analyst inside Sony stated that Sony was producing about 1 million units per month. Since its release on November 15th Sony has announced that they’ve sold around 2.1 million units up until December 1st. That number should be a lot higher now though since the holidays season has just passed and Sony have released the PlayStation 4 in a few different countries since then.

It looks like Sony is focusing their shipments on the United States for now, as other countries retailers are telling their customers that they will have to wait until 2014 for their PS4s.



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