Some Playstation 4 Features Announced


With the official announcement from Sony that the Playstation 4 console will be available for the 2013 holiday season, we can’t help but want to know more about what we can expect for this new console!

The 2 hour long Media Event on February 20th in New York by Sony shared many great tidbits of information on what the console will feature, its specs, and some new upgrades that will make our gaming experiences more interactive and exciting! A few of the biggest announcements are:

ps4-remote-playPlaystation 4 Remote Play

The Remote Play feature for the new Playstation 4 will allow you to integrate your PS Vita with the Playstation 4. No longer will you have to quick playing your game just because someone wants to watch TV! No longer will you have to stop playing just because you have to leave the house to go somewhere else.

With Remote Play, you can use your PS Vita to play games from your Playstation 4 – allowing you to resume your play from where you left off on the console and giving you true mobility. You can simply switch your game from the console over to your PS Vita and continue playing like nothing has changed – gaming on the go in action!

Personalization of the System

According to Mark Cerny, the new Playstation 4 console is designed to learn the likes and dislikes of its players. It will be able to make recommendations, suggest potential purchases, and will adapt to the players’ changing tastes.

Playstation 4 Background Processing

In the past, a new game had to be downloaded onto your hard drive and it would make players very impatient to wait for their game before they can start playing – this will no longer be true with the Playstation 4! Playstation 4 will download a small fragment of the game and then allow you to start playing while it downloads the rest of the game in the background. This creates a fast, quick-paced environment where you have “instant” access to your game without having to wait! The new console will also be able to run other processes in the background, such as uploading video clips. Overall, this will make your gaming experience more enjoyable and faster!

US-SONY-PLAY STATION 4Playstation 4 Social Aspects

The new console is always following many modern trends by giving a heavy concentration to social aspects of gaming. Not only can you instantly share video clips of your game play with your friends and network, you will have a better set up to view what your friends are doing in real time, spectate other people’s games, and even help take over a game for a friend to get them through a difficult part.

You will be able to create a social “profile” and share your own gaming experience with your real friends – and not just from the Playstation 4 either! Apps for SmartPhones, Tablets, and the PS Vita will allow you to see what your friends are up to no matter where you are – even if you are nowhere near your Playstation 4!

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  1. No prototype? That’s curious already, in every release they’ve at least had a base model to show. I think Sony are rushing this release, and the reason the popularity is falling is because of Sony’s crap support when things go wrong, just look at PSHome and it’s endless bugs and errors not to mention the major hack 2 years ago and the recent lvl0 leak. They will have to do something UBER SPECIAL and they know it, question is, can they actually deliver thier promises like the old days?

  2. If you have watched some of the video, then you know it is an incredibly “uber special”. This is an amazing console and will be the new standard in gaming… wait and see. This is not a rushed console, just a teaser look… The first view of the console is likely to be made during E3, as is the standard.

  3. I’m looking forward to the new ps4, however I still plan to keep my ps3. Will Sony stop making games for the ps3 forcing players to purchase the ps4 like Microsoft did with Xbox?

  4. what a scam—oh wow, so i can use my ps4 like facebook, AND i can spend more money to buy a different console (vita) so i can sync it with my ps4, so i will be connected to sony 24/7—my ps4 will even recommend things for me to spend more money on (so its like netflix, only its asking me to spend more money,as if i cant decide what i want to buy on my own)—looks like im gonna be dependent on sony from now on, and have to continue to give them money to do so

    and really? you people are too impatient to wait for a game to download after you open it and insert it for the first time? what are you, 9 years old?

  5. Sounds like Joel is a old guy who lives in the basement on dial up! Can’t wait to get rolling on this system to see how it stacks up to the hype. It’s funny the x-lax 360 is still playing catch-up to the PS3 and the answer is to be the 720. Well looks to me like Sony plays the ace of spades and Microsoft is stuck with the insert card with all the copyright crap on it.

  6. There is no improvement in high definition. No improvement in gaming experience. All this is going to do is allow kids to stare at a sceen 25 hours a day now. Unimpressed. Shock the world by improving gaming quality or doing the unheard of such as maybe interactive gaming. Downloading background content so people have to do something else for fifteen minutes is completely worthless. Another three hundred dollars parents are going to spend to keep kids out of their hair. Congratulations. Big accomplishment putting a little bit bigger engine on the playstation 3.

  7. You call it personalization of the system,i call it spying.hope there will be a spyware program to take care of it.


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