Social Features for the Sony PlayStation 4


Sony Computer Entertainment, the Japanese gaming and electronics giants, revealed their new Playstation 4 gaming console on 20th Feb, 2013. It is announced to be a supercharged PC-like system that is expected to offer a new height of gaming experience where one will be able to share experiences via video broadcasts of their gaming actions. Following Nintendo, this is supposed to be the 2nd eighth Generation console. However, the gaming fans are expected to wait for its actual launch until the 4th quarter of 2013.

Compatibility features

This gaming console has been built as a successor to its counterpart PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 4 Social features are the most talked of which is expected to make it stand apart. Sony’s new invention is supposed to be the first console uniquely compatible with the architecture of eight core processor.

US-SONY-PLAY STATION 4However, the x86-64 feature is the prime highlight as several modern designs of PC make use of this platform. Thus it is enabled to manage an enhanced number of much more multiple tasks as compared to the P3 making it the fastest and powerful network for games. PS4 makes use of an eight GB memory along with the faster drive Blu-ray.

Enhanced features

PS4 with its enhanced graphics and speed, will enable one to do tasks simultaneously like downloading games and play them as they are being downloaded. Similarly the organization have plans for releasing a new technology of a PlayStation App that will enable its users to extend their tablets or smart phones into an extended screen in order to maximize their game play.

Though the actual console is yet a secret certain technical features are being made public, like the hardware technology will greatly imitate its features as that of any personal computer. It will use a modern mechanism where in a single chip will encompass GPU, CPU, along with video decoder, memory controller.

The prime highlight of Social features

originalThe Social feature is one of the hugely emphasized characteristics announced by Sony Entertainment. The PS4 consoles will enable the functionality of social features, however it is left up to choice, and thus one can disable this option when not needed. Its controller of the Dual Shock 4 combines with the ‘Share’ button which will enable the user or player to traverse through the last few minutes of their game in order to choose an appropriate clip which one intends to share.

Similarly it allows one to upload videos directly to any other PSN user console or to the website. It’s expected to be extremely user friendly when one wants to use an alias name where situation expects to maintain anonymity, and similarly when with friend’s real name can be made use of. Streaming the videos of any game live through services like Ustream is expected to be absolutely hassle free thus enabling friends to offer their comments and views on the play.


  1. It will be released this holiday season, price is not yet released. Why would it sound pointless? People take screenshots of their game play all the time 🙂 You don’t want to share your game play with others on social networks?

  2. no ive never done it or wanted to ii just want something that is decently priced has really good graphics loads really fast and gives me a reason why i should by any other game console ive played every sony console so far and allow us to play our older games on it at least ps3

  3. I payed AUD $800 for the ps2 and ps3 when they were release years back and i didn’t complain because they were so good that i expect that the price will be somewhere there and they didn’t let me down . I’ll be expecting the price for the ps4 to be the same but i’m getting me one , what can i say money well spent !!! . …happy gaming …..


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