Skylanders SWAP Force for PlayStation 4


Many things have been included in the Skylanders SWAP Force for PlayStation 4. This new version of PS 4 requires the gamers to get used to the increase in the abilities of the player’s avatar.  All the stats of a figure are saved in itself, which allows the player to bring the particular figure to his friend’s house and continue with his favorite. On the other hand the figures of SWAP Force are conveniently split into the top and bottom halves that give each half its own special characteristic.

The top halves of the figure focus on attacks. On the other hand, the bottom halves primarily focus on the mobility aspects that let one teleport, fly, climb walls and get around this game world in various ways, which are absolutely unique. The most interesting of all is that each halves retain their individual stats independently, which allows the gamer to mix and match to his heart’s content without even losing any of the progress in the game.

As the gamer progresses through the many worlds of the Skylanders SWAP Force for PlayStation 4, the player would find different areas that will require him to take advantage of the SWAP mechanics of the game. For instance, the player will encounter mini-games and certain areas that would need a specific kind of movement to move around.

skylanders_swap_force_screenshot2One will see in the demo that there is a vertically huge wall, which requires to be scaled by the use of tentacles that are similar to octopus. Just in case if the gamer is not using the Skylander of this type, he may simply tear off the legs and put them on his choice of favorite torso. Any SWAP Force figure would conveniently take this challenge.

The various gates in this game will bar the access of the player unless he doesn’t have the Skylander of a certain type. While most of the gates can be entered through a specific type of Skylander, some gates will accept two types as well. This requires the gamer to mix and match the parts of Skylander in order to go through the gate.

skylanders_swap_force_screenshotHowever, even if a gamer doesn’t have SWAP Force figures, he may still get through the gates by bringing two more gamers into the episode he is playing. The only condition then would be that each of these two gamers should be controlled at least, one Skylander that is shown at the gate of entrée after which the gate shall open immediately.

Skylanders SWAP Force for PlayStation 4 has all the Giants and the core characters of Skylanders. One could be rest assured that there would be 256 various combinations by which the Skylanders can be created, while 16 non-detachable new core Skylander will release with this version for PS 4. All the Skylanders in the game have a fresh ability to jump, which wasn’t in the previous versions. Other than PS 4, it would be compatible for PS 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U.

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Skylanders SWAP Force


  1. Skylanders SWAP Force will be releasing around the same time as the PlayStation 4 console this holiday season. What do you think of its demos so far?


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