Shadow of the Beast for PS4


Take yourself on an adventure to dethrone the evil lord Maletoth in a virtually stunning world. The legend of Aarbron is told. Explore to beautiful and eerie world of Karamoon and find hidden quests and dark secrets to help you overthrow the dark lord Maletoth. Along the way to your final goal of overthrowing the evil Lord you will find many enemies that you will have to defeat in ferocious combat which will help you unlock increasingly great moves as you draw the power from your fallen enemies’ blood.

Find the souls of other players and summon them to fight with you or help you discover the way to new locations. You can also enter survival mode to put yourself up to the challenge against increasingly cunning enemies in endless combat.

No Release date has been announced yet for this game the game’s publisher is SCEE and it’s developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs.

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