How to Setup Your PS Vita on your PS4 for Remote Play

How to Setup Your PS Vita on your PS4 for Remote Play

The PS4 has an awesome feature that allows you to play games on your PS Vita through your PS4; basically what it does it lets you play on your Vita while using your PS4 processor all through the internet. This feature is called Remote Play.

With this feature you can even continue playing a game you were playing on your PS4 onto your mobile Vita. Once Remote Play is enabled users can play through external networks given that the connection to the internet is at a good level.

Here’s how to set up your Remote Play on your PS4/PS Vita:

  1. On your PS4 head over to settings > PS Vita Connection Settings > Allow Remote Play.
  2. Once it’s enabled you may opt to allow the PS Vita to connect directly to the PS4 bypassing the Internet and Router once the PS4 and PS Vita are in close proximity.
  3. Select Add Device. On the Vita, go to PS4 Link > Start > Remote Play then input the code that pops up on the devices.
  4. After finishing these steps you may now link the PS4 devices by hitting PS4 link > Remote Play >Start Playing.

Now you have total control over your PS4 with your PS Vita.



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