Russian Couple Broadcasts Live Sex Session Viewable by Any PS4 Owner


After a couple managed to broadcast a 20 minute live sex session today via the chat room function on the PS4 Sony has come under some harsh criticism. The couple, man and woman, were believed to be Russian and they were seen having sex on the PS4’s Playroom feature, which allows gamers to view each other and chat with the built in webcam. It is meant to help gamers share their gaming sessions with people all around the world, and the Playroom broadcasts can be seen by people of all ages that are using the service. The couple was viewed by more than 1,000 people during their 20 minute show and received a few comments as well.

Since the PS4 was released on November 15th last year, Sony has sold over 4.2 million consoles worldwide. One of the people who saw the footage said he turned on his PS4 about 8am on Monday Morning and the video appeared under the Playroom’s most popular section.

With the Playroom function gamers can comment and send messages to each other. The service does require a one-off payment, but once that has been setup there is no filter for explicit content. The online handle of the couple was g12051992, they received more than 150 comments from the thousands of people that watch their sex session.

A Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman, David Wilson said: “The PlayStation4 system is designed to help gamers share their game play through popular social channels. It is unfortunate that some individuals may abuse this feature and share inappropriate content.”

He also stated that there are ways to add parental controls to the PS4 system that can ban certain people using the console from accessing user generated content, like online messages or video streams. He also said that the content that is streamed on Playroom is moderated by uStream.

Right after the PlayStation 4 launch a man was banned for exposing his drunk wife’s naked body on the Playroom feature on the PS4.



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