Rumored Specs for the PlayStation 4


There are speculations about the much-awaited features of PS4. Some fear that the console-based gaming platforms will vanish in favor of a more portable gaming device, but can that truly replace the PS4? Doubtful. So many issues abound on the kind of specs on high-tech features of PlayStation 4 compared to existing consoles.

What will be the nature and shape of upcoming gaming generation of cloud-computing in both its distribution and processing power? In this piece, you get all the necessary information on burning issues about features of the PlayStation 4 and its competitors.

In fact, speaking about the upcoming PlayStation 4, a source unauthorized to speak in public suggested that Sony is calling PS4 ‘Orbis.’ The issue now is what will be its name? Will it be called Sony PlayStation Orbis, Sony PS4 or will the name be a codename like Durango?

It appears there is some wisdom when it’s merged the same way as Orbis Vita, a Latin translation as a ‘circle of life,’ which is suggesting cooperation between PS Vita and PS4. Will this be the case with PlayStation 4 since there is existing proficient competition between Vita and PS3?

Expected features of the upcoming PS4

 PS4 with 32nm Cell processor up to 16 SPEs and others                           
You will agree with me that Sony’s soft spot for Xperia Play tactic for Android is amazing. It’s important to note that there has been strong collaboration with Google while on gamrConnect.

The aspiration of the next PlayStation 4 will be a double number of PlayStation 3, 32nm Cell processor up to 16 SPEs. Blu-ray on PS4 is applauded but a great challenge is that most owners of PlayStation lack fast broadband internet connectivity.

More is to be expected as the controller of PlayStation 4 and Sony Computer Entertainment’s US R&D manager of special project, said that as far as they were concerned, technology was anything that would assist them build player’s intent into the system.

PS4 with graphic power and AMD x64 CPU
Kotaku, the Sony’s unauthorized speaker, said that PlayStation 4 is noted to have AMD x64 CPU and 28nm AMD graphic power of the Southern Islands. There is no clarity over the revision of AMD CPU hardware that will be employed in PS4. However, there is suggestion of AMD FX-8150 CPU Piledriver of weak Bulldozer architecture.

There will be great astonishment if the IGN report comes true. This report has it that PlayStation 4 will be powered by A8-3850 APU and AMD Radeon HD 7670 chip. The bombshell will revolve round the fact that PlayStation 4 will be power-inadequate when compared to newest AMD technology because it’s not the best AMD chip.

In essence, this cannot be compared with Intel chip with its upcoming 14nm or 11nm-CPU transistor for efficient and super-performance. Based on the above, this may be a great cause for worry by hardcore gamers; however we hope that by the time it truly comes out, the best super-tech and efficient chips and transistor will be used.

PS4 Backward compatibility
We hope that upcoming PS4 will not face the same fate as original PS3 faced when it was brought in with a chip that played PS2 games but failed in its subsequent iterations. There is unconfirmed report that PlayStation 4 will totally pay no attention to possibility of backward compatibility.

PS4 ousts second hand games
There is speculation that Sony will toe the same path as Microsoft which sent out all second hand games out of the market. Gaming market update suggests that PlayStation 4 games may have no resale value and will be tied to the original Sony Entertainment Network account. This can be no different from steam used by PC developers.

PS4 unverified report: PS4 out; 4K gaming in
There have been several unendorsed reports that Sony is making effort to get 4K and have PS4 out through the market door, together with full HD 1080p 3D gaming for the first time. There is great doubt as to possibility of its achievement with GPUs of Southern Island, except with multi-GPU set-up.

This calls the attention of innovators of PlayStation 4 to in-build super graphic memory so as to cope with 4K high resolution screen.
Previous reports had it that PS4 might use Nvidia ARM-based project Denver.

This however appeared very doubtful. It appears more likely that AMD offers Microsoft and Sony (reported unofficially of using AMD hardware in Xbox 720) supported access to its CPU and GPU technology.

The great challenge is that AMD suffers weight of super-performance by Intel and Nvidia in GPU and CPU markets and may likely need console at the rate as Microsoft and Sony.

PS4 gets released on 2013
Sony has been quiet over the release date of PlayStation 4 even though findings have shown that it will be launched around Christmas 2013

We cannot forget the strategy used by Microsoft for the launch of 360 a year before release of PS3 and how this helped it achieve competitive advantage not minding several technical shortcomings.

A report from anonymous sources has said that Sony is ready to have PlayStation 4 out before Microsoft Xbox 720 smells the market. The tension now lies in waiting to see that Sony does not allow Microsoft to give another market punch. However, there is a report from executives of US retailer that Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 will not be out until 2014. Will this be true since Sony said that PS3 will have a ten-year cycle which started in 2006?
Well, we look forward to a better gaming device just as ITProPortal maintained that the concept of lounge-restricted gaming device will soon be a thing of the past. So we believe just as the IT world is fast changing, the great future of gaming is dependent upon mobile portable gaming device.

Eyes of gamers are on Sony for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and on the device and market strategy its competitors will employ to its advantage. We await triumph of tech proficiency.


  1. It looks cool, however I hope it will not be as bugged up as the Xbox360, or the PS3. Also, I hope they will add better games to it now than ever, since playstation is starting to lose popularity. I cannot see why, all Xbox system have been total and utter fails.

  2. ps4 should be backwards compatable for all systems 1 2 3 4 make 4oo,ooo of them . that would be awesome ” to play all youre games on this system thats my sugestion limited addition ps4 awesome ””’ go sony (:

  3. if they keep this up i rather stick to PC. at least i can upgrade it any time i wish and any console game plays better on PC. it is gona be a total failer for sony and microsoft and ther “Xbox720”


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