Review: War Thunder Beta Patch 1.36


War Thunder is a much waited on game on my part, being its release was pushed I couldn’t wait for the release of the beta. The first time I went on the game I was lost completely. At the time I started I didn’t know what or where to upgrade stuff, but as I went along I kept learning bit by bit and it got easier and easier.

You can control your planes banking with the left thumbs tick with is really cool; the genius control system is your best friend with this. If you’re not an ace pilot and do a lot of jerking and pulling in your plane War Thunder will help you some, this being said not everything is automated in the game but they certainly do help you rather than hurt you.

PC gamers tend to have a better control over their rudders and flaps on the planes. Even though Gaijin insisted that they are the same game on both consoles we’ll have to wait until the patches sync up and compare them side by side. War Thunder has massive content when it comes to planes, if you do not like this game it will not be because of a shortage of content.

There is no health bar on War Thunder, each bullet is properly tracked and rendered as it would be in real life. If you get shot in the tail of your plane you won’t be losing “health” but instead you’ll probably lose the tail of your plane and start to lose control before possibly crashing.

The match making is the only flaw right now, it pits planes of different tiers against each other which isn’t the best, but all in all it seems to be an awesome game. 300 different planes that you can currently fly, it looks great and sounds great. It’s a great play.



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