Redbox Has Begun Renting Playstation 4 Games


Redbox is now offering Playstation 4 games for rent! Woot.

You can visit the entire selection available at Rebox here. The starting lineup isn’t huge but it is great to have such amazing games available so close to home. The first games available are also some of the most anticipated games for the PS4, and all sure to be favorites this holiday season… so if your only planning on buying a couple of games with your PS4 (the average is apparently 3 games per console sold) then be sure to rent as many as you can to get the best bang for your buck. staff has taken advantage of Redbox a few times for movies over the last couple of years but to be honest it has been pretty rare. I personally think the ability to rent PS4 games “when ever” will increase the likelihood of impulse rentals… however nothing takes the place of Gamefly.



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