Reasons to Buy a PlayStation Vita in 2014


Sony’s handheld is pretty awesome, it has many digital offerings. But looking at the sales figures it doesn’t quite add up. I don’t know why others don’t like the awesome handheld gaming device from Sony as much as I do, but I’ll give you a few reasons that you need to own one.

The Library

The Vita has a variety of games, for some people having ports dominated the library is a bad thing; there is no reason for this being the case. Games from all platforms somehow find their way to the PlayStation Vita, so instead of going from one device to the other, you have everything on one device. The really fun part of this handheld is that you can be gaming on your PS3 and pick up right where you left off with your PlayStation Vita.

Upcoming Games

A few games are on their way to the PlayStation Vita such as The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Volume is also coming to the Vita, Persona 4: Dancing All Night, I mean who doesn’t want dancing on a handheld. Counter Spy has had many people excited for some time, Android Assault Cactus has a silly name and a lot of blood, you can’t forget Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which should pick up for the original left off.

The Hardware

The Vita provides great looking games no matter where you want to play it. The handheld also has a flexible hardware. There’s a touchscreen, back touch panel, gyroscopes, a camera, and two analog sticks, it has a great variety of experiences for gaming.

PlayStation Plus

Every week Sony hands out free games for PlayStation Plus users, as long as you’re willing to scoop out $50 per year, you are always going to have new games to try out.

Remote Play

The Vita can connect to the PlayStation 4 allowing gamers to play games without the need of a television. An example of this great feature at its best is having someone watch movies on the TV while you are gaming on your PS4 through your Vita without a problem. The Vita has less buttons than the DS4 Controller yet developers still have creative ways to use the touchscreen and eliminate potential problems.



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