PSN Code Generators; Scam or Real?


There has been a fair share of PSN code generations around, and since the arrival of the PlayStation 4 a new wave of code generators has hit the internet claiming that they can top off your PSN wallets for free.

The question is, are they a scam?

And the answer is to put it at its simplest, yes they are a scam, and I am going to explain to you how they work. The PSN Code Generators look completely real; they generate an alphanumerical code that looks like it can be redeemed on PSN. What the scammers is mostly show you a YouTube video explaining how the generator works and generating a code their selves then redeeming it on PSN. What they try to accomplish while doing this is your confidence that the code generator really works. You will be directly to a download link to download the files, which are usually a RAR file and a text file to your PC. They will prompt you to fill out a survey before downloading. This is where the scammers make their money, for every person that fills out a survey and submits it they make money.

If you do manage to download the files and unencrypt the code of the RAR, you will find out that the code generator does not work and you’ve probably downloaded a virus in the process.

There is nothing free in this world anymore, PSN credits have to be bought with your hard earned cash. Do not download these scams as they can cause your PC problems at times and they will not work. Consider yourself warned.



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