PSMove and the PS4


We all remember when the Wii hit the market with motion-sensor technology. Then we were thrilled when Sony PlayStation announced PS Move and released the motion-sensor gaming device in September 2010.

While we do love the idea–it uses the PlayStation Eye and PS Move wand-controller to sense the players movement–we’ve seen other technology that does not use controllers: the Xbox Kinect. Which one is better? It’s probably all subjective, depending on the player, but why can’t the PS Move have controller-less play?

Well, we have heard several times that the next generation PlayStation, the PlayStation 4, will house motion-sensor gaming more like the Kinect. No more wand-controller necessary; that’d be awesome.

However, we do worry about accuracy in this case. While we know Sony is the best at technological gadgets, there will always be room for error. Perhaps if they can make a device that utilizes both controller and controller-less, depending on the game; or maybe a little sensor you clip onto your body, rather than hold in your hand. Perhaps a glove? Several ideas, but we have no idea which direction PlayStation will take.

Another thing we don’t like: Sony treated the PS Move as if it were it’s own platform. While we see how it added new features to the already awesome PS3, we still want a new platform. Incorporate the PS Eye camera into the PS4; tweak up the performance on the Move sensor, tweak the innards of the device to suit the 2012 devices we’ve already seen, and maybe we’ll be happy.

What do you think? What kind of motion-sensor technology should be used for the PS4? Should the PS4 even have motion-based gaming?


  1. If it was built in that would be something that x box wouldn’t be able to compete with…..and the controllers should stay the same you can’t change them that would be like changing the name of the system it just would be the same

  2. Correction the ps move should be wireless like the kinnect cause if it isn’t it’s pretty much like the wii


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