PS4 X-Ray Vision Photos

PS4 X-Ray Vision Photos

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics are known for some liberal uses of their facility, and it would appear someone has stuck a PS4 in one of their X-Ray Machines so they could see what’s inside.

While we have all investigated the outside of the PlayStation 4 very thoroughly, and many of us has seen one completely dismantled also, the X-ray view of the consoles gives us a whole new level of gadget porn that it really appreciated by many gamers and fans.

The video will show a scan of the PS4 from top down, revealing the layers of the PS4. This view of the console is pretty unique and amazing because it shows us a whole new view of the symmetry that can’t be observed any other way.

I have also found a picture of the DualShock 3 Controller below:

PS4 X-Ray Vision Photos



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