PS4 to Follow Xbox 720 in 2012


Update: Playstation 4 Release Date Count Down

Some new info has hit the web. Yeah, it’s probably a rumor, but one of these days one of these rumors will be true. Hopefully.

It has been said that the Xbox 720–codenamed “Project Ten”–will release for next years holiday season (one year from now exactly). Yes, we know the Xbox 720 is being worked on, but in order for this to be true, the Xbox 720 must be revealed at CES or E3 next year. So we’ll know by June!

Another rumor about the Xbox 720 is that it will have an integration that matches Apple. It would sync up Windows from PCs and phones, which the Xbox 360 cannot allow at the moment. It’d have more of a “Cloud” capability.

But what does this mean for the PS4?

There’s been hints from Sony PlayStation that the PlayStation 4 will follow Xbox 720. In fact, they actually said they will not let the Xbox 720 release without the PS4 there. They learned their mistakes when they waited too long after the Xbox 360 released before they released the PS3. Sales took a major hit because people had already just purchased a new console. For the PS4 to be a success, it must come out at the same time as the Xbox 720.

So, since we assume that if the Xbox 720 releases next year, they will have an E3 unveiling in June 2012; that means Sony would also unveil the PS4 in E3!

But, it’s another rumor. Don’t get your hopes up. Just keep your ears (well, technically eyes) open for the latest news.

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  1. your wrong… In an interview with Eurogamer, the CEO of PlayStation Europe, Jim Ryan, said it would be “undesirable” for the next PlayStation to be released much later than its rivals… so it is possibly going to again follow in LAUNCH DATE.


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