PS4 Sold Out Until February in Australia

PS4 Sold Out Until February in Australia

Sony confirmed today that the January stock for Australia was already sold, which leaves Australian gamers little chance to grab a PS4 before February. Those who ordered their console from June, July and August will have a chance to receive their consoles in time for the holidays.

Michael Ephraim, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Managing Director said that the company was overwhelmed with orders for the PlayStation 4 and that they were focusing on getting consoles to the people that placed the orders when the console was revealed.

“If you haven’t pre-ordered, it is very unlikely (you’ll see a console before Christmas) unless retailers have had cancellations,” Ephraim said. “If you pre-ordered before Christmas, give the person you’re giving the gift to an IOU and you will be able to get them a console in February.” He also stated that Australia was still putting in thousands of preorders for the console every week but they could not meet the demand. They have similar backlogs in Europe, UK and the US. He stated that the problem was launching in so many different countries so close together but he also hoped that the problem would be fixed around February next year.

The Xbox One had the PS4 beat in Australia by racking up 65,917 consoles sold in the first three days after the release, this according to NPD Group.

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  1. This just goes to show how good the PlayStation brand is and how people love it world wide. I’m sure it will be sold out over and over again but eventually the PS4 people will have enough PS4s to go around.


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