PS4 Processor Specs


While it seems that the web is in a consensus today about a 2013 PlayStation 4 (codenamed “Orbis”) release date, some new information has been released about the processor specs.

Yes, there are a lot of gamers out there who say the PS3 isn’t used to its full capacity; that a PS4 is not necessary yet; but most gamers disagree. Haven’t you ever been playing a game and noticed something jump or twitch in the graphics? That has nothing to do with the game, but with the processor and graphics chip.

But the supposed specs on the PlayStation 4’s processor and graphics chip is heartening. It is said that the PS4 may use the AMD A8-3850 APU and Radeon HD 7670 GPU. Is that a bunch of nonsense to you? If so, we’ll break it down.

The AMD processor is quad-core with a speed of 2.9Ghz, and a graphics chip is already integrated within it. Sony is designing the PS4 to use the AMD APU in sync with the GPU: the Radeon HD 7670. The Radeon GPU is a DirextX 11-enabled card. It has been clocked at 1GHz (yay) with VRAM up to 1GB. That’s a lot of hardcore hardware, the best on the market for PCs currently.

Also, about the Radeon HD 7670: there have been rumors on the web about the Xbox 720 using the Radeon HD 6670. They have nearly identical specs, so the Xbox 720 and PS4 will be very close in terms of graphics (we’re not surprised).

But the place where the PS4 will obviously excel: it’s integration of the APU. Already on the AMD processor is the HD 6650D, which runs lower resolutions than the 7670. In layman’s terms: it will be able to process the baseline specs on games, without touching the more powerful GPU. Two for the price of one, pretty much.

Of course, remember that these are not guaranteed specs on the PlayStation 4, but it would be smart—unless, of course, a more advanced processor comes out before the beginning of next year.

Oh, and we’re still hoping that Sony changes its mind about PS4 used games.


  1. I believe Sony has confirmed that they won’t be announcing it this E3, but we have almost everything but a release date so….

  2. I don’t want to rain on your parade but two things to point out, the 7670 is just a rebranded 6670, they are identical. Also neither of them are anywhere near the best on the market, in fact they’re used by OEMs and we all know what their machines are like for gaming.

  3. Thanks for clarifying the 7670/6670 for other readers; while we did mention it, it must not be clear enough. But it’s still better than what we are using today in the PS3!

  4. this makes no business sense whatsoever. the new playstation is at least a year away from release. at that point the a10 processor will be out, which is rumored to be an exact match graphics wise to the 7650.

    if sony did this, then the ps4 would have crossfire enabled allowing a system far surpassing what this article suggests. the premise of having 2 graphics cards with one being weaker makes no sense as there are many better solutions out there even right now.


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