PS4 “Orbis” to Support 4K Resolution


Those who have played PS2 and PS3 will have an idea of what to expect when the PS4 releases, hopefully sometime during Holiday Season 2013. Though the official launch date is yet to be announced, PlayStation gamers are all set to go to the next level of gaming using the PS4 console. We are ready for the next best thing in the gaming world, and getting pretty impatient about it.

Sony entertainment’s next generation gaming console, which is code named as “Orbis,” is set to become the first gaming console where people would be able to play games on 4k resolution.

Right now, most TVs max out at 1080P resolution. If the PlayStation really can support 4000P resolution, we’re in for a new realm of gaming.

This could change the way we look at gaming completely. Playing PlayStation games on 4K resolution could be as real as it can be. We could actually feel like we are in the virtual action. Based on some of the information received, PlayStation 4 is said to be based on a micro procession and graphic processing unit (GPU) designed by advanced micro devices. It is said these chips would be quite compatible to play 4K resolution games using the PlayStation 4. (Of course, you’ll need a 4K TV, but that’ll happen eventually.)

Though there aren’t many 4K resolution screens at the moment, by the time PS4 releases it will take the gaming world by storm.

It is expected that the Orbis will be able to launch a benchmark as far as next generation gaming is concerned. Though PS4 is said to be the best play station gaming system ever, it is suggested that its price will be less than PS3 launch price.

Having said that, PS4 will have a number of compromises, including the non-compatibility factor with older and used games.  This is a kind of let down for some crazy gamers, but we’re hoping these rumors are just that: rumors.

But Sony might have something more to offer. We can only wait to see, and hope that they don’t disappoint!



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