PS4 Codenamed ‘Orbis’ – Releasing in 2013


Update: Playstation 4 Release Date Count Down

Late last week, some brand new information about the PlayStation 4 hit the web. It stems from the website Kotaku who says a source confirmed the PS4 release in 2013, and even provided a codename: Orbis.

The name Orbis follows Sony’s decision to name the PSP2 “Vita” with Latin terms. Despite many of the circulating rumors explaining “orbis” to mean “circle, round, or orbit,” and combined with Vita to be, “Circle of Life,” this writer happens to have taken several years of Latin, and knows better.

Orbis actually means world, which makes more sense, since a “circle of life” means birth and death. The strict translation of “Orbis Vita” means “World Life” or “The world life.” If Sony were to suggest using the “e” suffix on Vita, then we see, “The World of Life,” or if Vita Orbis, “Life of the World.” That fits Sony’s goal to make the PlayStation more accessible and integrated into real life, which was their aim with the Vita.

We are wondering if Sony will just keep the codename “Orbis” as a new name for the PS4, so it would be the Sony PlayStation 4: Orbis. It would make sense, especially with the Vita as a predecessor.

So why do we assume the PS Vita has anything to do with the PS4? Well, many people questioned why Sony would even bother to release a handheld gaming device in this fast-moving world of smart phones. Since the Wii U also happens to be planning a tablet-style controller for their release this year, it would be smart for Sony to compete—and they already are.

The PS Vita, as we know, is integrated into the PS3. But with the PS4, the hardware and software that OTA updates can’t provide will allow for even better integration, something we may have never seen before. In short: it should be amazing.

Lastly, this source told Kotaku that dev kits released earlier this year for developers (which we knew), and that improved kits are coming out soon. By the end of this year, this will have prototypes of the PS4 to develop games for.

The source also said that the PlayStation 4 Orbis will hit the shelves during holiday season 2013. That isn’t that far away at all, and pretty much what we’d been assuming for the past year.



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