PS4 Bundles in UK in Stock at Amazon Early Next Month


I know some of you went through the holidays without a PS4 by your side, but I’m here to tell you there’s some good news UK, has confirmed that they are expecting a replenish to arrive in January. This is some good news as the PS4 has been sold out in UK for a long time.

The message on the Amazon page stated that they are expecting Killzone: Shadow Fall bundles to arrive on the 10th of January and the Knack bundles are expected to arrive on the 15th of January. For everyone who doesn’t know how PS4 bundles work, the bundles include the 500 GB console and a copy of your chosen game for just £384.99.

I am hoping this helps you track down your PS4 system you’ve been missing out on for so long. Hopefully by February next year Sony will have everywhere completely replenished and their won’t be any worries about the PlayStation 4 selling out anywhere.



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