PS4 Battlefield 4 Premium Users Having Problems

PS4 Battlefield 4 Premium Users Having Problems

For people who have been playing Battlefield 4 on the PS4 since its release you most likely have two options, you either encountered a problem the multiplayer or you’re stuck enjoying the single player a lot more than you should. If you’re playing the multiplayer and not having any problems you must be the luckiest person alive.

Lately the complaints on the PlayStation Support Forums have been about buying the Battlefield 4 Premium DLC. Some reports have stated that the P icon that you’re supposed to have after purchasing the BF4 Premium User Content isn’t appearing. Other gamers reported that they buy the content and try to download it and it says waiting to install but never does.

Some of the problems have simple fixes; the best fix so far is to restore your license via the PlayStation Dynamic Menu Settings. The other fix seems to be to share the content with someone else and confirming that it does work with them, but it seems the simplest and most effective way is the first method.



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