Only PS3 Games will be Streamed on PlayStation Now for Now

Only PS3 Games will be Streamed on PlayStation Now for Now

When Sony revealed PlayStation Now, the game streaming service at CES 2014, everyone knew that Sony was onto something very big, but that they wouldn’t get it working perfectly right off the bat. At CES we saw the hit game, The Last of Us running quite fine on a PS Vita and also on a Bravia Television; the only thing the service requires is a DualShock 3 or 4 controller. The name doesn’t do the service justice as it is probably the future of gaming, it will probably not be perfect on release; to start off the service will only stream PS3 games.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be able to play PS1 and PS2 games on the consoles. In fact, we reported a little earlier that the console will be able to emulate that old software on the console. The report also says that Sony is working on a method to stop the blurry up scaling that seems to happen when running them on the PS3. This means that native HD resolutions seem to be the goal.

With the PS3 running these games and PlayStation Now running PS3 games, there seems to be nothing stopping PS1 and PS2 games from being streamed on the service. The only thing in the way seems to be Sony wanting to run everything with HD resolution. If they did not worry about the blurry up scaling there would be no limitation with PlayStation Now.

The report suggests that it will not stay this way forever, the PS3 library is only the first phase of the service. This kind of service seems to be the future of gaming, however long that future may take to come, despite the name it has it does not mean that that future is soon.



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